Shuttle Service

Let's face it, there are times when it is just a more efficient mode of travelling when you are able to locate a shuttle service who can follow through on all of the promises related to their service. Of course, there are those times when you need to get to the airport and driving your own car there to leave it for a week is just not the best option. This is just the kind of time that you need a professional service. Not only will you save money in the end, you won't have any worries about leaving your car for an entended period of time. At Seattle Charter Bus, we specialize in this kind of service and we promise that we will always strive to be worthy of your business.

We offer an array of luxury options and we can fit any size group from small to large. You will want to take a look at our fleet page which includes an awesome variety of everything from coach buses to shuttle buses to shuttle vans to limousines to SUVs as well as sedan. Our phenomenal vehicles will seat anywhere from 4 to 38 passengers. Keep in mind that we take your transportation very seriously and doing so includes a number of facets that we concentrate on.

Obviously, if you are going to entrust your livelihood and life to us, you want to make sure that we are serious about getting you to where you need to go and back safely. To make sure of this, we have employed full-time certified mechanics. They schedule regular inspections and maintenance on each and every vehicle in our fleet. We also are very serious about the condition of our interiors. Passionate detailers meticulously go through each and every vehicle after they are used and they are very intense about making sure that when th enext customer steps on board, it will seem like brand new in every way. Also, our drivers are some of the best in the business. They know the area roads very well and they have GPS just in case. We also want you to know that we have trained all of our employees to act with the highest degree of customer service at all times.

We can service any kind of need that you might have. You can use us for an exclusive engagement or join other patrons if you just need a shuttle ride somewhere for a few employees. We make a promise to you that we will get you to where you need to go on time. We realize how important this is especially when it comes to your business needs. Our customer service agents would love to talk about your shuttle needs. They are very knowledegable about what we do and what we can offer. So, feel free to contact them any time of the day or night. If at first you only need information, we will be more than happy to provide it to you. We will never try and presure you to book with us. So, let's talk and it will be our pleasure to come up with any solution that will service your needs best.