Our Fleet

Offering an array of luxury options for every type of excursion and passenger group size, Seattle Charter Bus is proud to introduce our extensive vehicle fleet! You can view photos and brief description of our vehicles below. Give us a call if you're interested in a quote, would like more details on a specific Seattle tour bus, charter bus, or limo bus, or if you'd like to schedule a time to view our fleet in person!

Chrysler 300 sedan

This executive Chrysler sedan has space for 4 passenger. A sleek black exterior, black leather seating, tinted windows, and a quiet ride make this a relaxing choice for those who want shuttle services.

Suburban SUV

Another great choice for shuttle service is this executive Suburban SUV has space for 7 passengers plus ample luggage space. Black leather seating and plenty of leg space make this vehicle comfortable and convenient.

Ford Executive Van

With space for up to 10 passengers, this Ford executive van is able to transport you and 9 guests plus luggage. Comfortable seating, tinted windows, and friendly service are what you can expect with this.

Ford Executive Van (high roof)

This Ford executive van has a high-roof exterior and comfortable seating for up to 14 guests, and even has room for luggage! This is a great option if you and your whole family are heading to the airport if you have a group that needs a ride anywhere.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Shuttle Coach

If you have a group of up to 14 passengers who need a shuttle vehicle with a luxurious touch, our Benz Sprinter shuttle is a great choice. High back leather seating, relaxing lighting, and a large flat screen TV, plus table space and cup holders. This is a great VIP shuttle option.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Shuttle Coach

This Mercedes for up to 12 passengers is a much loved choice of our Seattle customers. This van is great for professional events like fund raisers or personal events like weddings. This luxe limo van will keep your and your guests comfortable and entertained.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo

Another great 14 passenger Benz shuttle but with more a limo feel. Wrap around leather seating, flat screen TV, colorful lighting, neon lighting at the bar, large cooler, tinted windows, and a booming sound system.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Shuttle Coach

This is one our larger sized Mercedes vans, and it holds up o 14 passengers. It's a beautiful vehicle! There's a custom limousine style interior with a wonderful multimedia package that includes TV/DVD and CD/iPod players. You and your guests will have a fantastic time.

Van Terra Mini Coach

Our Van Terra Mini Coach is a great vehicle for groups of up to 14 who want a spacious travel option. High back leather seating, woof floors, tinted windows, and large tour-style windows provide a comfortable traveling experience.

VIP Executive Mini Coach

If you have as many as 24 members in your group, you'll find that this VIP mini coach is a great choice! High back leather seats, black exterior, tinted windows, overhead luggage space, and wood floors.

Ford Shuttle Bus

This Ford shuttle bus has space for a maximum of 24 passenger and is a super comfortable option! High back seating, overhead luggage space, and tinted windows offer a great travel experience.

Chevrolet Shuttle Bus

Our Chevrolet shuttle bus offers high back seating, luggage space, extra room interior, and tinted windows. This bus has space for up to 29 guests.

Chevrolet Shuttle Bus

Another Chevrolet shuttle bus, but with space for as many as 33 passengers, this is fantastic vehicle for groups who have to travel a far distance and want to be comfortable! High back seats, overhead luggage compartments, and tinted tour-style windows are all offered on this bus.

Ford VIP Shuttle Bus

This Ford VIP shuttle bus can seat up to 33 passengers in comfort and style. This shuttle bus offers high back leather seats, spacious interior, luggage space, and tinted windows.

Lincoln Town Car Limo

Our entry level limousine is our Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine with seating for up to 10 passengers and tons of luxurious features. This limousine offers plush leather seating, colorful lighting, ample bar space, TVs, tinted windows, a great sound system, and more!

Chrysler 300 Limo

Our Chrysler 300 stretch limousine offers supple leather wrap-around seating for up to 10 passengers. This limo also has unique color-changing lighting designs, a large cooler and cup holders, light-up floor and ceiling panels, booming sound system, CD player and iPod hookup, and more. This is a great limo for weddings or other events.

Lincoln MKT Towncar Limo

This sleek Lincoln MTK stretch limousine has plush leather seating for up to 10 passengers and a gorgeous interior. Colorful LED lighting trims the vehicle, the ceiling has gorgeous fiber optic effects, and you'll enjoy the amazing sound system for music via radio, CD, or iPod or movies via the built-in DVD player. There's also a ton of cooler space for your enjoyment.

Hummer H2 Limo

With custom leather seating for up to 16 passengers, our H2 Hummer stretch limousine is a spacious and luxurious option. LED lighting, custom reflective ceiling, TV, DVD player, custom sound system, and a beautiful bar area with tons of cup holders.

Cadillac Escalade Limo

A head-turning limousine, our Cadillac Escalade stretch limousine has leather seating for as many as 22 passengers! The interior is gorgeous, with fiber-optic star lighting throughout, LEd lighting, large cooler and plenty of drink space, flat screen TV, DVD player, an incredible sound system, and CD/iPod player.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo

A luxurious Mercedes Benz Sprinter limousine with seating for up to 14 passengers is a great choice for any outing. This vehicle offers wrap around leather seating, a flat screen TV, colorful LED lighting, neon lighting at the bar, large cooler, tinted windows, and a booming sound system.

Ford Mini Limo Bus

Our limo bus fleet begins with our 14 passenger Ford limo bus. This bus has a spacious interior with room to stand, plush leather seating, colorful lighting, booming sound system, and a large cooler. There's also a TV and DVD player and the great sound quality you'd expect from us.

White Limo Bus

The limo bus shown above has perimeter seating for up to 18 passengers. The interior design includes colorful ceiling light panels, a large HDTV with DVD player, great sound system and AM/FM radio plus CD player and iPod hookup, cooler space and tons of cup holders.

Black Limo Bus

With two-tone leather seating for up to 22 passengers, this is a great limo bus for any event in Seattle. Colorful lighting, ceiling light panels, wood floors, TV and DVD player, iPod hookup and CD player, large cooler for your drinks, and plenty of room to dance and party.

Chevrolet C4500 Limo Bus

Our Chevrolet C4500 limo bus has leather bench-style seating for up to 24 passengers and plenty of luxurious features. Colorful lighting effects, large TV and DVD player, booming sound system with CD player, and a cooler stocked with ice.

Chevrolet C5500 Limo Bus

With two-tone leather seating for up to 30 passengers, our Chevrolet C5500 limo bus is a great choice for any event you have planned out Seattle. This bus has a large HDTV, colorful lighting, CD player and iPod/MP3 player hookups, DVD player, high-quality audio, and gorgeous wood floors.

Chevrolet C5500 Limo Bus

This super spacious limo bus has space for 34 passengers. Leather seats, wood flooring, colorful lighting throughout, TV and DVD player, CD player and iPod player, large cooler with several cup holders, and a state-of-the-art sound system.

Chevrolet C5500 Limo Bus

Another great Chevrolet C5500 limo bus for up to 34 passengers, this vehicle has the features you'd expect from us. Two-tone leather seats, beautiful wood flooring, colorful lighting panels in the floor and ceiling, a large TV and DVD player, CD player and iPod player, large cooler with several cup holders, and a state-of-the-art sound system.

Limo Shuttle Bus

If you need to accommodate up to 36 passengers, we have the spacious buses you need. This 36 passenger limo coach is one such option. This Seattle luxury coach bus is spacious, comfortable, and offers much to keep our riders relaxed and entertained. Plush seating, a beverage cooler, a large TV,and much more are all on board.

Limo Shuttle Bus

Another gorgeous option for groups of up to 36 guests, this luxury coach is just what you need to hit the town in style. This bus offers limousine style leather seating that wraps around the perimeter. There's and outstanding stereo system

Chevrolet C5500 Limo Bus

One of our largest buses, this vehicle has leather seating for up to 38 guests! You'll enjoy complete privacy with tinted windows and pull down shades, colorful lighting effects int he ceiling and throughout, large coolers, HDTV and DVD player, iPod player, CD player, AM/FM radio and an unbelievable sound system.

Ford F550 Limo Bus

Our Ford F550 limo bus has a maximum seating capacity of 38. Black leather seating, laser lighting, colorful light-up ceiling panels, cooler space with lighting, TV and and DVD player, CD player and iPod player, and much more! This limo bus i