Day Trips

The Seattle area is one of those places where you seemingly will never run out of things to do and see. There are so many amazing venues to visit and that provide a perfect opportunity for a day trip. Of course there is Mount Rainer which is one of the most beautiful mountains to capture either with a camera or just the human eye. The 3 hour cruise through Puget Sound to Victoria's Inner Harbor is absolutely breathtaking. ANd we have to menion a trip down to San Juan Island for a day of whale watching. These are only a few of the phenomenal sites in the area. But whichever destination you choose, there is something that you are going to have to consider before you take off. You need a very comfortable luxury transportation solution to get you there if you are to have the time of your life. And that is an arena that we can certainly help you because at Seattle Charter Bus, we are one of the best transportation services in the nation.

So, you are probably wondering how we can help you in this endeavor. Well, first of all ask yourself and your group of friends who will be going along with you if everyone wants to carpool to your destination. Before you answer so quickly, consider what will be facing you and your group. First of all, you will be fighting traffic for your entire trip. Once you finally get to your destination, your group of cars will all need to search for decent parking spots. And keep in mind that that search might be fruitless. But once you find parking which might be far apart from each other, you will all have to meet back up. Now, in terms of the fun that is supposed to happen, if there is going to be any drinking of libations involved in this day trip, your designated drivers will be out of the picture. That is unless you are all willing for them to take the risk and possibly get a DUI ticket or even worse, have someone injured in an accident. This doesn't sound like a great trip so far does it? These are just some of the reasons we ask you to consider our professional transportation company to service your day trip.

So, now let's consider the same trip but in one of our luxurious limo buses. First of all, your entire group will be together for the entire trip. You will be driven around by one of our certified drivers. Not only are they experienced, they know the area roads very well and they believe in a true commitment to customer service in its highest form. One extra note for you here. Our vehicles are so well taken care off that the idea of breaking down or having a problem is at a minimum. We also have experienced detailers on staff who make sure that the interiors look brand new before you enter. But the real kicker with our amazing limo buses are the amenities and features we have installed. You are not going to believe it when you climb on board and you see granite top bar areas with built-in coolers of ice for your favorite libations. You will also be able to kick back on the luxurious wraparound seating area and enjoy the premium concert quality sound system. Need some visuals? There are high definition flat screens with DVD capabilities. And as if that were not enough, how about a hardwood dance floor and dancing pole so that you and your group can move to your groove. Now you can see why people call our buses a party on wheels.

If this sounds like the experience of a lifetime, why not contact us as soon as possible. Making us a part of your day trip is going to be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Out customer service ofice is open 24/7 and our agents are not only knowledgeable but they are truly interested in making sure you and your group are fitted to the perfect vehicle. Give us a call today and let's start a conversation about your plans and how we can take them to the next level.