Corporate Events

We realize that organizing successful corporate events is a very important role of management. These kind of events bring people together, creates a tighter knit team of people who will get more done and let's face it, a family culture can go a long way in paving the way to success in the future. While you may be busy planning what you believe are all of the aspects of your corporate event, there is one aspect that you may have overlooked: transportation. Believe us when we say that convenient and reliable transportation for all participants is one of the most important steps to having a successful corporate event. The Seattle area has some phenomenal venues to visit, but if your group doesn't get there on time or get there at all, your great effort will be wasted. We believe that Seattle Charter Buss can solve all of your problems in this respect.

There are a couple of words that we would like to throw out to you in relation to your need for corporate service transportation in the Seattle area. Those words are dependable and reliable. You know the old axiom that anything worth doing is worth doing well. We certainly believe in that principle. And when it comes to transportation, if you don't hire someone who is dependable and reliable, then not much else is going to matter anyway. We pride ourselves on making sure that you and your group will arrive exactly where you are supposed and you will arrive when you are supposed to be there. We also pride ourselves on providing comfortable vehicles so that your team members will arrive at your venue fresh and renewed and ready to go for whatever you have planned.

You won't believe the luxurious feel of the vehicles in our fleet. If you have only a small group that needs to be transported to a company affair, we can certainly accommodate you. But we are also ready for large groups of up to 38 if needed. And there are many things that sets us apart from other transportation companies. For one, we have some of the best running vehicles you will find anywhere. We also employ chauffeurs who will treat your employees like royalty. And believe us, we know how daunting the task of obtaining quality transportation can be for a large number of employees. And we thing that you will be pleasantly surprised how we take all of the stress and anxiety off of you when it comes to planning your transportation solution. Remember, we have been here before and we know exactly what we are doing.

Just as you take your business and your goal very seriously and we are sure you are professional in everything you do, we know you want a transportation company that performs the same way in relation to their business. That is exactly what we do and how we operate. So, whether you are hosting seminars, having company meetings, or providing some entertainment for your valuable employees, let us be a part of your plans. We will not let you down in any way but we will provide safe and properly licensed transportation for whetver your needs might be. Our customer service agents are very knowledgeable and will walk you through the process. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.